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21st Century Technology - Steel Frame

Cementacion PNG.png

Foundation / Floor structure

Concrete slab

Flat roof structure

Cubierta plana.png
EPDM adhesive layer

Pitched roof structure

Based on its long experience in the construction of galvanized steel structures ISE Mallorca guarantees that the houses are:

✅ Modern buildings that save energy

✅ Constructed of high quality materials

✅ Buildings based on the system executed with modern materials according to European regulations

All materials are approved and widely used in the construction of homes, premises and industrial buildings.

The prefabricated homes of ISE Mallorca ensure their owners functionality and complete freedom for architectural solutions and multiple variants of thermal insulation.

The houses of the ISE Mallorca system save energy - the coefficient of thermal resistance in the walls and the roof is K = 0.17 W / m2. The costs for heating are from 30 to 70 kW / m2, that expressed in an equivalent fuel is 3 to 7 liters / m2 per year. ISE Mallorca homes provide up to 70% less energy consumption compared to standard / traditional homes.

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