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PRÉSTAMOS para empresas y particulares hasta 15 años, ¡¡¡SIN COMPROBANTE DE INGRESOS!!!​


with a galvanized steel frame structure

Our objective is to implements new products using the latest technologies in the area of prefabricated buildings and to provide our clients with new high quality products and services to meet their needs and requirements in short terms. That is why we prefer to leave behind the promises and offer a business that can really be achieved. We have different models of prefabricated houses. The models show the capabilities of the technology and are optimized to maximize the use of  spaces at an accessible price.
The ISE Mallorca houses have the characteristics of the "passive prefabricated houses" thermal insulation which means they are warm during the winter and fresh during the summer.
The multi-storey buildings have acoustic insulation that is collocated in the floor structure and guarantees maximum comfort for the inhabitants.
Our conception is:
- Build prefabricated houses of galvanized steel structure that are solid, warm and built quickly.
- Offer comfortable and real solutions working with small budgets without compromising comfort.
- Create buildings with possibilities for future extensions offering the best solution for you without infringing the integrity of the building.
We build:
- Housing - tall buildings (up to 4 floors), duplex houses, holiday homes etc.
- Office buildings
- Prefabricated buildings for premises
- Prefabricated buildings with social functions The ISE Mallorca Easy Build technology is focused on an effective and rational financial approach.
All materials are approved and widely used in the construction of homes, premises and industrial buildings. 

The prefabricated houses we produce are compatible with all types of projects and have an architecture that is in harmony with nature. Its biggest advantage is the earthquake resistance  thanks to the system of galvanized steel elements.
Our homes can be easily modified and beautified until they become the home of your dreams.
ISE Mallorca is the undisputed leader in the manufacture of prefabricated luxury homes.
The prefabricated houses of ISE Mallorca save energy, are safe, solid and durable, assure their owners functionality, complete freedom for architectural solutions and multiple variants of thermal insulation. They combine the best features of construction physics and statistics at competitive prices.
Based on its long experience in the construction of galvanized steel structures ISE Mallorca guarantees that the houses are:
- Modern buildings that save energy;
- Constructed with high quality materials;
- Built on the basis of the system executed with modern materials according to the European standards;
- The construction is much faster than other costructing methods, 25-30% cheaper, has extreme resistance to earthquakes and also very high resistance to fire.
A prefabricated galvanized steel house can be built on any terrain. The house can have height up to 4 floors.
The prefabricated homes offer a novelty for the construction market in Spain.
Each client receives a detailed and individual offer according to their choice. You can also receive consults about the optimization of the model taking into account the initial budget and the conceptual design.The ISE Mallorca houses save energy - the coefficient of thermal resistance in the walls and the ceiling is K = 0.17 W / m2. The costs for heating are from 30 to 70 kW / m2, that expressed in an equivalent fuel is 3 to 7 liters / m2 per year. ISE Mallorca homes provide up to 70% less energy consumption compared to standard / traditional homes.

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