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Our vision is to apply highly advanced technology to build individual homes of the best quality. We want our clients to have beautiful and comfortable homes, full of light and space. Our most important desire is to create homes where your dreams come true.

One better product

Our products basically contain extensive lines and sublime ceilings, glass doors and modern designs.

We build faster than traditional construction and provide homes that are easier to sustain, healthier to live, more spacious, with more natural light, more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

Our houses have very little environmental impact and are synchronized with nature.

You can see your home projected in a real 3D visualization along with the perfect design. Your house can be built in less than two months by a trained and specialized team.

Our prices are fixed and have transparency from the beginning; We provide a safe investment and a qualified team that will help you every step of the way.

Comedor moderno

The beauty comes from the inside.

Each ISE Mallorca home complies with a fundamental number of ecological standards and materials; wood cultivation floors, ecological countertops and standard thermal insulation that provides energy savings and noise reduction.

The unique technology of ISE Mallorca is incredibly resistant, reinforced and eco-friendly. That allows a vast space without overloading. We also utilize durable support frames of architectural elements such as high ceilings with separate windows. To provide you with a home that makes you feel comfortable these components have to come together.

One better way to build.

Built in half the time of conventional design homes, our factory-made premium homes are better built, healthier to live and easy to maintain.

A process that leads to extraordinary and ecological homes.

Our factory produces households emitting the least amount of waste and of the highest quality.

The construction process allows your home to be built in a matter of weeks, compared to traditional construction, which takes months or even years.

You have the opportunity to pre-select all the finishes of the home and see the realistic 3D visualization of it.

A better experience for the client.

We are committed to reducing stress and risk as possible by streamlining the process of building your home, always having everything clear about prices and offering quality equipment.

The process starts when you choose the model and then configurate the features with an infinity of finishes and accessories. The project manager will work with you from the beginning to the end. After seeing the proposed ideas, the team of designers will give life with drawings and sketches for approval.

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