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ISE Mallorca is a manufacturer of prefabricated houses dedicated to the construction and remodeling of homes and businesses, according to the wishes and needs of customers. It has over 15 years experience and buildings constructed throughout Europe.

People who have followed the development of ISE Mallorca since its foundation know that this is already the eighth version of our corporate website. With each update, we try to add even more information so that our site is the most complete and most open. We believe that this is the way to help our clients make their informed choice. Take into account their opinion because for them we are better than others.

However, there are certain things that we could not say in the other sites that are filled with facts and figures. Therefore, we believe that this section cannot replace the other, it can only complement.

Therefore - Why ISE Mallorca?

Due to our quality - ISE Mallorca homes have many advantages. High seismic resistance, durability, affordability, energy efficiency, short construction time. However, we believe that the greatest advantage of our homes is the quality without concessions with which we build.

We can safely say that we have gained a leading position in the market, especially for the high quality of our products.

We remain unique in many ways. For the standard pricing, our customers receive much more than what other builders are able or want to offer for them. The examples are many - the type and insulation of exterior walls, quality finishing materials, high quality windows and doors.

But that's not all.

Each building we have constructed incorporates numerous engineering solutions. There are various construction systems and materials used. For all of them we have selected only the best and proven trusted global manufacturers.

On the other hand, the homes of ISE Mallorca are produced by fully automated production lines, which excludes the possibility of manufacturing error or defect. We have professional machines, tools and measuring equipment supplied only by the main manufacturers, which guarantees our work of precision and quality.

We chose to defend our quality and we did it. We have survived the crisis without the temptation to withdraw from it at the expense of minor discounts. Because we know that the crisis is temporary, and the home is for life. We are very grateful to our customers who share our vision.

Due to the experience - our experience in civil engineering and design was the basis on which we built ISE Mallorca.

Today, our experience is even greater, we have more finished buildings. We have created homes for many different people. We have made many wishes fulfilling many dreams.

Our customers can see and touch what we have created. Everyone is welcome to visit our assembly site, or to see the section of the walls and frames in one of our offices and with the sales representatives of the company. Only in this way, our customers can be sure that they trust in the treatment of the builder and also until the successful completion of their new home.

We are more proud of our quality. But the high quality must be kept up to date. Due to this, we opted for the policy of maximum transparency for the client, which we support with stable commitments. Therefore, all customers who have chosen us to enjoy special advantages, which are:

-A construction contract with complete specification of the investment in construction materials specified by type, manufacturer and registered trademark.
-A construction contract with a fixed total pricing for the entire duration of the contract, Invariable independently of external processes.
- A construction contract to clarify construction guarantees regarding the finished building, and for individual construction works.
-Payment form in stages linked only with the course of construction.

But we do not stop here. All of our customers have access to complete information before signing a contract with us - totally for free.

Our approach allows us not only to gain customers but good friends as well.

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